ATEX (유럽 방폭인증) 획득
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16/11/04 (IP:

ATEX (유럽 방폭인증) 획득 


1. Explosion proof Electric Horn with Lamp (SUE-EHL001)

 - Cerfificate No. : Presafe 16 ATEX 8066X


See the certificate -> www.seunelectric.co.kr/html/ce01_pop2.html

See the products detail -> http://www.seunelectric.co.kr/html/pro13_draw26.html



2. Explosion Proof Flash Light (SUE-FL001)

- Cerfificate No. : Presafe 16 ATEX 8067X


See the certificate -> www.seunelectric.co.kr/html/ce01_pop3.html

See the products detail -> www.seunelectric.co.kr/html/pro13_draw28.html

안전증 방폭 JUNTION BOX 국제 방폭인증(IECEx) 획득

IECEx certificate 획득 Warning Beacon and Sounder